another twist to the WCRB switch

Laurence Glavin
Wed Dec 20 16:26:02 EST 2006

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>From: "George Allen" 
>Subject: another twist to the WCRB switch
>Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 12:23:55 -0500

>In the odd but true category for this topic, Richard L. Kaye, the 
>WCRB GM in the Ted Jones days, died 2 days before the Dec 1 switch. 
>On must wonder if there's any connection at some undefined 
>-- George [a WCRB technical staffer from the 70's]

Indeed, this information was brought up at the time.
Another interesting tidbit: on the closest Saturday
to Beethoven's birthday (December 16th) RLK would have 
a Beethoven's Birthday Party and invite people for cake 
and refreshments at 750 South Street (I regret now  that
I never went).  Well, this year the LvB nativity was on a

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