format change for Boston's progressive talk

Bob Nelson
Wed Dec 20 12:03:12 EST 2006

On 12/20/06, Sean Smyth <> wrote:

> I thought the 850 changeover was about 6 a.m. Hence the infamous
> toilet-flushing incident.
> WEEI's switch from news to sports took place at 6 a.m., I recall.

Well I remember being out on my back porch with a portable radio around midnight
that night, and I heard the ID and the toilet flush then I think they
went into a syndicated
program, and maybe they went local at 6 am. (I didn't record it; just listened.)

And this is confirmed by typing "WHDH toilet flush" into the search
engine, and I wind up
with "At midnight, August 28 (1994), the last WHDH
programming came to an end, and an anonymous board operator sent the
station to the history books with a recorded toilet flush"

It continues to say that they went to Imus at 5:30 am followed by Dale
Arnold at 10.

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