format change for Boston's progressive talk

Bob Nelson
Wed Dec 20 04:34:05 EST 2006

Here's a link to the Globe article:

I picked up a copy of the Globe today at 4 am as I was leaving work
(did some overtime;
"it's so late it's early...") and just spotted the article. How ironic
is it that it's said local
DJs will be hired "bucking a Clear Channel trend" for the "Latino"
format (one thing that
CC did NOT do with prog. talk, other than Jeff Santos once a week, and
that was late in
the game).

Also: "After the (power) upgrade, the radio giant will separate the
two stations, giving
WXKS-AM its own, as yet undetermined, format."

As for when changeovers occur: well I do remember 850 going from WHDH to WEEI
was at some cases there were changes at 4 pm or so (when WCLB
105.7 became country, IIRC). Noontime was the time for the recent WKLB-WCRB
swap and it also was the time of day when 96.9 flipped from country to
smooth jazz
(it later became talk) and 99.5 flipped from smooth jazz to country.

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