bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Blaine Thompson
Fri Dec 15 18:28:55 EST 2006

I can already hear station owners clamoring that serving the public 
interest costs money, and those owners are out to make money.

I'm not saying this is correct, wrong, right, or left.

(Disclaimer: I work in broadcasting, part time, for an owner who desires 
to make money.)

Blaine Thompson
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Donna Halper wrote:
> Ed Schultz is talking right now about how in a number of stations in 
> markets where there is currently a severe ice storm, those stations 
> are just broadcasting their same old syndicated shows as if nothing is 
> happening.  Why have a license if you are not gonna serve your 
> community?  Forget right or left wing-- let's talk public interest.  
> What is the FCC doing in all of this?

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