bye bye Boston's progressive talk

Dan Strassberg
Fri Dec 15 11:16:09 EST 2006

Wrong! Miller airs live 6:00AM to 9:00AM Pacific. The feed that was heard
here was live. Steph's Jones Network show is on live in AM drive on 50-kW
KTLK 1150 in LA. I just read a posting that said that KTLK's flip to Rumba
has been postponed. BTW, the Phoenix AZ progressive-talk station seems to
have an Air-America-free lineup, except for Thom Harmann, who has some
connection with AAR but who I understand self-syndicates his 9:00AM to noon
(Pacific) show. Hartmann also has been doing a different (non-syndicated)
show live in AM drive on KPOJ, Portland OR. Considering the amount of show
prep he obviously does, that is one hard-working radio guy! Six hours a day
of telephone talk. It's no wonder that he has learned how to do it without
raising his voice ;>)


Dan Strassberg
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> At 4:00 AM -0500 12/15/06, Bob Nelson wrote:
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> >I'd wonder if WRKO would be interested in Stephanie Miller for that
> >9-noon slot...
> If they did that, it would have to be on a one day delay basis.  I
> believe the show originates 9 AM to Noon, Pacific time.
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