CBA to move to FM

David Allan Boucher
Fri Dec 8 14:55:43 EST 2006

> Question:  What has prompted the mass move to FM in Canada, anyway?  It's
> been happening for years (I think CFNB in Fredericton has been off the air
> for at least a decade).  Is AM THAT much of a relic?  Come on.

I can understand the need for the CBC Classical outlets to be on FM.
(Although, I remember listening to CBC concert music on AM.)

But I would think that CBC's spoken word format, news, information,
etc...would be perfectly suited for the AM dial.  (Especially since the
facilities are already built.)

And given the AM signal's skywave capabilities...would cover a lot of
territory where the population is sparse.  (There is a lot of area with only
small villages....Northern territories, Yukon, etc.)

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