Christmas traditions on Boston radio

Ric Werme
Sun Dec 10 10:37:29 EST 2006

> Any others people can remember? Did Norm Nathan, Larry Glick, or
> others do something similar this time of year?

It was never at "this time of year," but Richard L Kaye on
WCRB Saturday Night would play Stan Freberg's "Green Chri$tma$," a
piece very loosely adapted from Dicken's "A Christmas Carol."  He'd
play it the Saturday after seeing the first piece of Christmas
advertising in October.  Or September. Or ....

In stock!  Buy!  Gift!  Keep the Xmas spirits!

Oh - it also has Allan Sherman's "Twelve days of Christmas" with the olde
Partridge in a Pear Tree updated to a six transistor radio.  I wonder how
many transistors are in a typical cheap radio these days.

     -Ric Werme

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