Coverage - 99.5 vs. 102.5 which is "better"?

Scott Fybush
Sun Dec 3 21:39:07 EST 2006

Shawn Mamros wrote:
>> For example, moving 99.5 to the Pru would probably put it too
>> close to second-adjacent 99.1 WPLM Plymouth, first-adjacent
>> WSKO Wakefield RI and maybe second-adjacent WQRC 99.9 Hyannis.
> For that matter, what about 102.5?  Now that Greater Media controls
> that signal, you'd think they'd have a big incentive to have WKLB
> be co-located with most (all?) of their other FMs here.  Can anyone
> think of a co-channel or adjacent station that would block a move
> of 102.5 to the Pru?  (Being licensed to Waltham shouldn't be an issue,
> since "Framingham's" WROR is on the Pru...)

WCRB has two problems blocking it from a Pru move. The first, which is 
entirely insurmountable, is its IF spacing to WUMB, 10.6 MHz down the 
dial. The FCC has strict spacing rules for stations 10.6 and 10.8 MHz 
apart, and I believe WCRB at FM128 is already short to WUMB. There is no 
way to use a directional antenna or terrain-based short-spacing to 
overcome an IF spacing issue.

(Oddly, I note that WCRB co-existed for many years with another Waltham 
station 10.8 MHz down the dial, WBRS at 91.7. I wonder if anyone near 
the Brandeis campus ever had trouble with WCRB reception as a result?)

I believe WCRB would also be short-spaced to WCDJ 102.3 in Truro if it 
moved to the Pru, but I'm not certain of that and am away from my usual 
reference materials.


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