Coverage - 99.5 vs. 102.5 which is "better"?

Eli Polonsky
Sun Dec 3 19:51:12 EST 2006

--- Stephanie Weil <> wrote:

> Why haven't all the FM stations in Boston moved to the top of
> the Pru (or the Hancock building)?

I'd imagine they all would if the FCC would allow them to, but
I'm sure there are various potential interference issues that
prevent the FCC from allowing them to move, that would result
in a situation even worse than what has already been allowed.

There are also individual issues with each station due to co-
channel and first and second adjacent stations outside of the
immediate Boston area that would be too close to the Pru, but
just far enough from Newton, or Andover, or Peabody, etc...
wherever they're transmitting from now.

For example, moving 99.5 to the Pru would probably put it too
close to second-adjacent 99.1 WPLM Plymouth, first-adjacent
WSKO Wakefield RI and maybe second-adjacent WQRC 99.9 Hyannis.

Also, I've heard that the Hancock hasn't allowed any full power
transmitters on the roof since a WHUE-FM (now WZLX) transmitter
caught fire there in 1982, although they did allow a low-power
ten-watt WFNX repeater on 101.3 until it was discontinued when
WFNX moved their main transmitter to One Financial last year.

Eli Polonsky

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