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Rest in peace, Richard.  I spent many Saturday nights with him and his
cohorts at WCLV in Cleaveland on the air.  He was my introduction to P.D.Q.
Bach and many other comedic artists.  He was a true gentleman the times I
met him at 'CRB.

-Larry Lovering

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In an odd coincidence, Richard L. Kaye, longtime Vice President of Charles
River Broadcasting, and WCRB when it was a REAL classical music station,
died Wednesday, November 29th.  He arrived on the scene when the only WCRB
that existed was an AM station on 1330 kilocycles (the word they used then).
I wouldn't be surprised if he supervised the installation of the
horizontal-only FM antenna on one of the WCRB-AM sticks.  The Boston Globe
had a standard obit yesterday and today;  I wouldn't be surprised if Scott
has a more detailed one on Monday.


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