And the flip has happened...

A. Joseph Ross
Fri Dec 1 14:44:30 EST 2006

On 1 Dec 2006 at 12:01, Bob Nelson wrote:

> And here we go.
> end of Ricochet song pops up on 102.5
> "Country Music...102.5 FM"

They were playin a countrified version of the National Anthem, and 
the flip took place just before it ended, so that the word "Brave" 
was cut off on 99.5 and heard on 102.5.
I'm working at home today, partly because I do that now and then and 
partly to facilitate taping both transitions.  Now, I've tried 
various radios and found that WCRB on 99.5 seems to come in better 
than WKLB did on 99.5.  I don't know why that is, but it seems to be 
so.  I notice the difference particularly on my Sony 2010, which 
couldn't pick up WKLB 99.5 when I tried it a few days ago.  Likewise 
on my Walkman, on which I couldn't find WKLB a few days ago, but I 
was able to find WCRB after the switch.  The boom-box, which couldn't 
pick up WKLB a few days ago still can't pick up WCRB 99.5.  Then 
again, I had a lot of trouble tuning it to WCRB 102.5 before.

My mother's Panasonic portable, which I bought her in the late 70s or 
early 80s, could get WCRB 102.5 if the antenna was oriented 
correctly, and I used it to tape the 102.5 flip.  Then I tuned it to 
99.5 and found a clear signal no matter how I oriented the antenna.  

When I get in Monday, I'm looking forward to getting a clear signal 
in my office on 99.5, without all the constant re-tuning that I've 
had to do on 102.5.

Apparently the call-letter change was approved in time by the FCC.  
No whispering of the other call letters.  WKLB gave a last "WKLB-FM 
Lowell Boston" ID a few minutes before the flip.  WCRB gave a "WCRB 
Lowell Boston" ID shortly after the flip.  Neither WCRB nor WKLB gave 
a legal ID on 102.5 around noon, before or after the flip.

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