You Might Be A Radio Geek If...

Laurence Glavin
Fri Dec 1 14:13:11 EST 2006

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>From: "Robert F. Sutherland" 
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>Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 13:33:47 -0500
>or if you are sad when legacy call letters move,
>like WTTT Amherst, MA (ok, so it was a localized legacy), WMEX.
>or when you write programs to plot AM patterns of a single frequency
>for the whole US, Canada, Mexico, & West Indies.
>or when you collect old radio magazines from the 20's, 30's, 40's.
>(like at Brimfield flea markets).
>or when you calculate coordinates of every place you & your daughter ever
>(the QTH, baby!)
>or when you p_ss & moan when you can't receive a station's DX test.

Or how about this: when I saw Susan Bickelhaupt's  name in today's
Boston Globe, I knew a misprint couldn't be far away, and voila:
among listings for college basketball and college football games on
the radio this weekend, two will be on WRCN-AM error
printed twice.


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