Gary Lapierre's Replacement

Bill O'Neill
Fri Dec 1 07:52:03 EST 2006

Scott Fybush wrote:
> But there are plenty of counter-examples as well; Scott Simon on 
> Weekend Edition Saturday has a wonderful conversational style, at 
> least to my ear. And my current "delivery idol" is Kai Ryssdal on 
> Marketplace, who's as far from stuffy as it gets.
I've listed Scott Simon as among the most listenable on the radio. A 
moment I can't forget is back after 9/11 when the plan crashed in a 
neighborhood. Simon is interviewing a firefighter whose family 
perished.  Scott's interview (and understandable emotional release) was 
as good as it gets.

Ryssdal (thanks for the spelling Scott!) has a great natural style.

Bill O'Neill

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