Gary Lapierre's Replacement

Don A.
Fri Dec 1 00:51:34 EST 2006

> Guess it's a matter of perspecitve...I've always found the public
> radio style to be very stiff & pretentious, almost like they're
> talking down to you.

I find it hard to believe that you've done any recent listening to public
radio of late....or maybe you are just relying on anecdotal information for
your comment?

You find Tom Ashbrook delivery "pretentious"?

You feel Bob Oakes is "talking down to you"?

Robin Young? Alex Chadwick?  Ira Flatow? Terry Gross?  Melissa Block?  Eric
Jackson?  Ted O'Brien?

I find these people have some of the most "conversational" and natural
deliveries of anyone on the radio.

Maybe you are simply noticing the lack of some of the macho "bravado" of big
voice Gil, Gary, Jensen, Rod Fritz and others.

To me, these people are more "pretentious"....(a la Ted Baxter), than todays
announcers on public radio.

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