Herald: HD Radio Hot, Actual shows are not

Ron Bello RBello@BelloAssoc.com
Tue Aug 29 12:41:55 EDT 2006

It is difficult to believe that management hits the road to really 
listen to their product.

For example, here in Metrowest (Natick - Framingham), WBZ has not had 
a clean signal since
turning IBOC on.  WBIX does not help.  Why do anything to degrade 
your signal and listener pool ?
Whether management realizes it or not, it does contribute to listener fatigue.


>Seems like the decisions to install this junk were made from "up high" -
>and the engineers couldn't do much about it, except to do as they were
>told.  But it's making my radios sound like crap.  :-/
>Stephanie Weil
>New York City, NY, USA

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