Herald: HD Radio Hot, Actual shows are not

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Mon Aug 28 14:04:28 EDT 2006

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Subject: Herald: HD Radio Hot, Actual shows are not
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"Then there's Boston Acoustics' Recepter Radio HD. Those puppies are
designed to make AM sound like FM, and upgrade FM to CD quality. On
top of that, broadcasters are now multicasting, which is technical
jargon for sandwiching as many as four channels onto a single FM
frequency. And that kind of development, broadcasters say, will lead
to more choice and diversity on the radio."

Let me get this straight:  WEEI-AM does NOT broadcast in HD,  and theoretically
NO AM station broadcasts in HD at night...yet this writer claims to hear an 
enormous improvement in the WEEI-AM signal on his HD receiver!  What is
he, a RELIGION writer?

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