Inside Track: WBOS Censored Laquidara

Bob Nelson
Mon Aug 28 13:06:26 EDT 2006

(from Herald Inside Track)

"the real reason Charles Laquidara and WBOS parted ways was because
the station believed the Boston radio legend was being too political -
and he wouldn't sit for censorship. Laquidara resigned his gig as host
of a daily one-hour music show called "Back Spin" after catching heat
from station suits for airing his way-left-of-center views on the
prez, the war, etc.

"Our spies in the studio say that after Laquidara played Neil Young's
new tune 'Impeach the President,' he was reprimanded by his boss, who
told him something along the lines of 'We don't do politics, we don't
do news, we rarely do interviews and we don't do controversy. We're an
oasis for our listeners.'"

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