Herald: Rap lovers not too WILD about station's change

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 04:41:58 EDT 2006



"It's like putting 'AAF on a super amplifier," said Julie Kahn, vice
president and market manager for Entercom Boston.
    The move will end hip-hop's reign on the station and leave local
competitor WJMN-FM (Jam'n 94.5) the sole station on the FM dial for
rap music. That had members of the Hub's urban music scene voicing
their displeasure.
    "Its terrible," said rapper Ed Anderson, who goes by the pseudonym
Edo G. "I mean, we don't have black radio in Boston as it is, now we
really don't have black radio in Boston."
    Though the purchase isn't expected to close until later this year,
Entercom expects to begin broadcasting WAAF on 97.7 today. Late night,
the station broadcast a robotic-sounding countdown. No DJS,
commercials or music were played.
    The deal will result in a significant number of layoffs among
97.7's staff, said Zemira Z. Jones, vice president of operations at
Radio One. Approximately 20 to 25 people work at WILD, he added.
    In addition, WILD's AM sister station 1090 will adjust its format.
Radio One will move the Tom Joyner morning show from 97.7 FM to
AM-1090. News talk programming will be discontinued on WILD 1090 and
replaced with contemporary inspirational and gospel music, Jones said.
     Also cut will be the Jimmy Myers (talk) show, said Tony Bennis,
former producer of the show, adding "despite the fact that it was
exceeding and doing really important things in Boston."

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