Entercom Buys WILD-FM, Will Simulcast WAAF On 97.7

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Mon Aug 21 17:16:44 EDT 2006

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Subject: Entercom Buys WILD-FM, Will Simulcast WAAF On 97.7
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 10:15:15 -0400

All Access reports that Entercom is purchasing WILD-FM (97.7 
Brockton/Boston) from Radio One, and will dump the current Urban AC 
format & convert the 97.7 signal to a simulcast of WAAF (107.3 
Westborough) at 5:30 PM Tuesday 8/22. No purchase price mentioned.
Entercom has also purchased some stations in Scott Fybush's 
neighborhood, picking up the CBS Rochester NY cluster. They will 
have to divest 2 Rochester stations to remain within FCC ownership 

Mark Watson

My travels last month brought me to the foot of the channel 27 tower in
West Boylston, partly to confirm that WAAF had PERMANENTLY moved its
transmitter there (for a period of time beforehand, there had been
reports that Entercom was toggling back-and-forth between Asnebumskit
Hill and Stiles Hill, W. Boylston).  I determined that 107.3 was indeed 
transmitting from W. Boylston, and then later I checked fcc.gov to 
check out its DA pattern.  It seems that it actually SUPPRESSES its 
output to the northeast, east and southeast.  Here are the values 
for degrees  and relative signal where 1.000 is full power:

80-degrees: .794
90-degrees: .631
100-degrees: .501
110-degrees: .398
120, 130 & 140-degrees: .316
150-degrees: .398
160-degrees: .501
170-degrees: .631
180-degrees: .794

Most of the other azimuth points are 1.000 or close to it.

If the transmitter on Asnebumskit Hill in Paxton is operational, and 
Entercom doesn't have to go through another CP process, it seems to me
that they would be better off with the status quo ante plus 97.7.

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