Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sun Aug 13 22:29:49 EDT 2006

At 09:39 PM 8/13/2006, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>Last year I think it was mentioned that WHMP was running both
>conservative and liberal talk shows.  I noticed this weekend that it
>seems to have become a full-time progressive talk station (except
>when it's carrying the Red Sox).  However, they have someone else
>during the noon to three hour and run Al Franken at 6 PM.

They used to carry Franken live, but sometime this past spring, they 
began carrying the Thom Hartmann show, so they delay Franken's 
show.  I have no idea why they did that.  And nobody in western Mass 
seems to carry Ed Schultz or Stephanie Miller-- a small station 
outside of Springfield was supposed to, but I am not sure that ever happened.   

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