cross ownership (newspapers/radio)

Garrett Wollman
Tue Apr 25 23:41:46 EDT 2006

<<On Sun, 23 Apr 2006 09:31:21 -0400, "Bob Nelson" <> said:

> I'm guessing the newspaper/radio-TV cross ownership rules set by the
> FCC are still in effect--a paper can't own a radio station in its
> same city unless there's a special waiver.

Well, yes and no.

Theoretically it is still in effect, because the FCC still hasn't come
up with a new set of ownership rules that will pass legal muster.

In practice, it is no longer in effect, because the FCC has said that
it will issue temporary waivers to all comers until the new rules are

In extremis, it is highly unlikely that the Supreme Court would permit
enforcement of the newspaper cross-ownership rule, if the case ever
got to them, given both the current ideological bent of the court and
their decision several years ago in the Indian casino advertising
case.  They won't be involved until and unless the Commission stops
handing out waivers.


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