Radio-Info hostile takeover; new site launching Sunday

Bob Nelson
Sun Apr 23 08:01:22 EDT 2006

I was replying to a post on radio-info about the future of the Red Sox
rights/WBOS, etc.
(as in, "if Entercom moved WEEI to 93.7 FM, maybe they could keep the
Sox?") but my post wouldn't show up, and I quickly found that
radio-info wasn't working. A few moments later I logged in and the new
board showed up, with posts going up to April 20th and instructions
for members to reapply but with a different password. Tried to do this
but couldn't get the confirmation email to show up.

So I re-applied and got in, but had to change my ID to racradio from
as the "coon" part was not acceptable. Yes, that is a slang word
offensive to some,
but my use of "raccoon" referred to the animal. Oh well.

The site had a message from "Doug's mom" and there was a bit of a
re-design; I may have been the first to post there successfully. A
disclaimer said that the opinions expressed on the board were those of
the members and "many... are just plain wrong".

Well, radio-info has been a good resource and I hope it'll continue to
be that but it's
a shame if moderators were rudely kicked off in this takeover. There
_was_ a post
I saw just before the takeover from a moderator (maybe Steve) basically saying
"I'm out of here..."

I hadn't heard of like a blog. Will read the
posting about the
takeover. Oh, and the new version of radio-info debuted around midnight, 1 am,
something like that

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