NH Public Radio Flagship Undergoing Maintenance

Laurence Glavin lglavin@lycos.com
Sat Apr 22 13:58:57 EDT 2006

On Friday, April 21st, I noticed that reception of WEVO-FM 89.1
in Concord, NH was very poor on my car radio.  When I checked
my home receiver, I could see that there was almost no reading
(WEVS-FM 88.3 was normal). Today (05/22) NHPR ran announcement
that WEVO was undergoing transmitter maintenance, and at about
noon today the signal was stronger.  In the days before $3.00
a gallon gas, I might have scooted up to Long Pond Rd in 
Concord, NH to see if a new antenna or something was being 
installed, but no longer.  (Even now, I probably won't go over
to the Oak Hill Park section of Newton, Mass until I happen to
be travelling in that area anyway.  The new AM 1200/1330/1600 
towers may be up by then).  BTW, I checked the FCC web site to
see if WEVO had some kind of construction permit, and  I see that
they are using a non-directional antenna.  I seem to recall
that their original permit was to operate with a DIRECTIONAL
antenna but I don't know what station it was supposed to protect.


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