WRKO Oldie album on Ebay.....

R Trovato xtrovato@yahoo.com
Thu Apr 20 16:08:15 EDT 2006

Anyone interested in this?


Item number: 4868990745

This could be a collectors item for any oldies fan, or fan of the old Top 40
radio stations. (Or if you grew up listening to "The Big 68" - WRKO.)

WRKO was a powerhouse radio station in the Boston area in the late 60's &
70's. Like a lot of Top 40 stations in their heydey, they would
occaisionally put out a compilation album with some of the top hits (Now
great "Golden Oldies!).

This album cobver has some Boston images. A pic of Fanuil Hall and the
statue of Paul Revere on the cover. The back cover has an image of
Government Center where WRKO was located. The inside of the album (it folds
open-close) has all of the DJ's who were on WRKO at the time Shadoe
Stevens - Bobby Mitchel (aka Frank Kingston Knight) - Gary Martin - Jerry
Butler - Joel Cash and the zany (and skinny!) Dale Dorman.

Discs are in pretty good condition. THe album cover is in pretty good
condition too.


I don't know if the link works right....but it's   Item number: 4868990745

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