Sports related: WRKO, Sox rights, playoffs

Bob Nelson
Thu Apr 20 09:30:25 EDT 2006

 Sports related stuff:

--Now that the Celts' season is done, will 'RKO move Savage back to 7 pm? Is
Taste of Boston just temporary? And if this does happen, what replaces it at
10? Local or syndie (...delayed Glenn Beck? Phil Hendrie?)

--I've heard May 1 is the target date for the WCRB/Greater Media deal to
be signed, but who knows; Fybush's site said we might not hear on-air
changes till the fall. How do the Red Sox figure into this? Some
say that it's down to WEEI/Entercom and WBOS/Greater Media for the Sox rights,
and that CBS (WBCN, WBZ et al) made offers but not worthy enough for the
'04 Champions to accept.

How does this affect the future of WCRB? Are we waiting for the Sox to make
their decision--and if GM is picked, perhaps with the Sox as a partial partner,
would it be Sox on WBOS (with current format, or a new one?)...or Sox on
102.5, with maybe WKLB being sold off eventually? One possibility: Sox on
102.5, and WBOS becomes Country 92.9...or Sox on 92.9 and country on 102.5,
or WBOS format on 102.5

And maybe Entercom could convince the Sox to stay, but maybe either simulcast
them on 93.7 to get that FM stereo sound, or perhaps they could flip 680
and 850--

WEEI 680 with Sox, sports talk
WRKO 850 with current talkers, and Celtics next year?

--Not that I'm a huge fan, but am curious what station will air the NBA
and NHL playoffs, what with the Celts and B's not involved. Maybe
ESPN 890/1400?...Or maybe WEEI or WWZN will pick up the _finals_
of the hockey and hoop playoffs, but there would be conflicts with the
Sox of course...

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