Question about WKOX

Cohasset / Hippisley
Tue Apr 11 22:01:04 EDT 2006

Jim Hall wrote:
> Thanks.  Your message made me think....I looked up the local municipal
> airport, and they had the local navaids listed.  I guess what I am hearing
> is the HAGET non-directional beacon on 402 kHz, so I guess I am hearing 402
> X 3 = 1206. 

Sounds like you have it nailed.  I'm a little surprised that the 3rd 
harmonic is so strong -- whether it's actually being transmitted or 
being created in your car radio.  But the lack of any NDBs around 290 in 
the Andover area tells me it's unlikely to be an image problem, contrary 
to my original speculation.

Glad you figured it out.


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