Question about WKOX

Cohasset / Hippisley
Tue Apr 11 19:39:59 EDT 2006

Jim Hall wrote:
> I drive pass the Andover water plant frequently (on Route 133 in Andover,
> next to Haggetts Pond). If I am listening to WKOX 1200, just as I pass the
> plant, I hear the sound of a code transmission over WKOX....I would assume it's a harmonic
> that I am hearing (I only hear the code for a few hundred feet as I drive
> by). Any info?

More likely an "image" created by your car radio.  Since the 
intermediate frequency of your AM radio is usually 455 kHZ, the image 
will be 910 kHz from the station you're tuned to.  Accordingly, I'd 
suspect a air navigation beacon on 1200 - 910 or 290 kHz.  
Unfortunately, a quick scan of some of the internet longwave beacon 
lists doesn't show anything in New England between 2285-295 kHz.  You 
usually have to be within a mile or two of them to hear them coming 
through your car radio.    The air navigation band is about 195 - 525 
kHz.  In some parts of the country you can hear the beacon on its actual 
frequency just below the bottom end of the AM broadcast band.

Another possibility might be a beat involving the beacon and another 
strong broadcast station combining to overload the front end of your car 
radio.  But you'd have to know what AM broadcast station you're going 
past in Andover, because as I recall WKOX is way out in Framingham so it 
wouldn't be overly strong there.

Bud Hippisley, W2RU

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