Boston Globe Item on WERS LMA Proposal

R Trovato
Tue Apr 11 02:15:20 EDT 2006

> >Because in a literal reading....."WCRB will indeed
> >continue to play  classical music." (albeit on one of
> >their HD channels.)
> No, but even at the time that was written I'm sure the _implied_
> meaning was for it to play classical music on the *primary signal*.

Well, it was implied, because they never imagined there would be another way
to program Classical music on WCRB.

Now there IS a way to program Classical on WCRB that the public can pick up
and enjoy!

> WCRB has run a business of playing other formats (including
> background music) on their SCA channel for quite some number of
> years, well back into the 1970s.
> I would think that if this takeover had happened back then, the idea
> of putting the classical music on the SCA channel would be as much of
> a non-starter as putting it on a digital (but not necessarily HD)
> channel is [to me] today.

Yes, however the WCRB Sound Systems SCA channel was never mean for direct
public consumption.

The HD Multicasts are designed for exactly that.

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