Boston Globe Item on WERS LMA Proposal

Brian Vita
Sat Apr 8 14:58:54 EDT 2006

Shawn Mamros wrote:

>>Boston Globe business columnist Steve Baily periodically 
>>writes a column called "Boston Sampler".  Today's (04/07)
>>column (second items) reports on a proposal by Greater
>>Media's Peter Smyth to LMA a classical music format on
>>non-comm WERS 88.9 Boston after WCRB goes bye-bye.  Emerson 
>>College turns down the prospective TEN-MILLION DOLLAR offer! [...]
>WERS is an integral part of Emerson's academic program, to a greater
>degree than that of any other college station in the area.  For
>Emerson to LMA away WERS would take away an important academic
>resource (not just an extracurricular one) from Emerson students.
>I'm not at all surprised that Emerson turned it down.  If anything,
>I'm somewhat surprised that Greater Media approached them with the
>offer in the first place.  Granted, WERS has the strongest signal
>of any of the college-hosted non-comms (excepting WBUR, which really
>doesn't count); maybe that was a key motivating factor.  Or the
>fact that Smyth is on Emerson's Board of Trustees made him feel
>that he had an edge with his fellow board members.
>One wonders if Greater Media might approach any of the other colleges
>in the area that have stations.  Some of their boards might be more
>receptive to such an offer.  (I wouldn't be, though... ;-)
>-Shawn Mamros
>E-mail to: mamros -at- mit dot edu
Gee, they approached WERS with $10M.  I'll bet that they could approach 
WMWM with $49.95 and a couple of CD's...

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