Boston Globe Item on WERS LMA Proposal

A. Joseph Ross
Fri Apr 7 23:44:20 EDT 2006

On 7 Apr 2006 at 16:52, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> Boston Globe business columnist Steve Baily periodically 
> writes a column called "Boston Sampler".  Today's (04/07)
> column (second items) reports on a proposal by Greater
> Media's Peter Smyth to LMA a classical music format on
> non-comm WERS 88.9 Boston after WCRB goes bye-bye.  Emerson 
> College turns down the prospective TEN-MILLION DOLLAR offer!
> Yikes...WCRB as a standalone grossed (and I do mean 'gross')
> only  $8.5 mill.  Boston Globe article recede into the archive
> never-neverland, but some columns linger longer.  It may still be at:

Interesting that Greater Media is looking to spend money on an 
alternative classical music outlet.  I wonder whether they're feeling 
some public pressure. 

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