ESPN 900 Nashua now ID'ing at top of hour as WGAM the Game

John Francini
Sat Apr 1 08:52:29 EST 2006

It's the 900 station, I think, that's changing calls.

Now, of course, this wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that 
on Thursday at 10:00, they used their top-of-hour commercial block to 
air a statement that ESPN is, apparently, unceremoniously dropping 
their affiliation with 900/1250.  Allegedly, no reason was provided 
to station management.  Because of that, they will be picking up Fox 
Sports Radio and The Sporting News Radio.

This is annoying. If ESPN thinks that they're adequately covered in 
NH because of the Boston affiliations (890 Dedham and 1400 Lowell), 
they're sadly mistaken. The 1400 signal is somewhat listenable by 
day; at night it disappears before the Mass/NH border.  The 890 
signal is pretty poor until you get close to 128. And even then it's 
no bargain.

But then again, this is the same ESPN management that has decided, 
against the wishes of their *own* sportscasters and journalists, to 
go ahead with the PR disaster that will be the "Follow Barry Bonds 
Around While He Breaks Ruth's & Aaron's Home Run Records" 


At 17:13 -0800 3/29/06, John Bolduc wrote:
>Heard today at 3pm. I thought I had the radio on 1590 Nashua, but it must
>have been 900 Nashua.  WGAM, ESPN Sports Radio, the Game.
>WKBR 1250 Manchester also uses "the Game". I suspect they might be
>changing calls signs??
>I sure hope it wasn't WSMN 1590 I was on, I would hate for them to change
>those calls signs!
>John B
>Derry NH

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