WWZN Reception in Schenectady, NY

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Fri Sep 30 17:05:52 EDT 2005

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> I personally have had fairly good reception of
> WWZN/1510 while visiting family in Penfield, NY, an
> eastern suburb of Rochester, NY.  I believe that WWZN
> mainly protects WLAC/1510, to the southwest.  The
> pattern is a little wider toward the northwest, but
> still protects the former Sherbrooke, QC allocation.
> The reason why 1510 does not do well in its' own
> backyard is because of the higher frequency and is
> more  prone to skywave interference.
> 73,
> Peter Q. (K1XRB)
I think for even the casual listener, AM 1510's major
problem through many incarnations has been beating and 
splatter from the big-time adjacent signals: WTOP and the
occupant of 1520 in Buffalo.


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