Bradley Jay (Was Re: Gary LaPierre Undergoes Triple Bypass Surgery)

Scott Fybush
Thu Sep 29 22:33:51 EDT 2005

At 10:03 PM 9/29/2005 -0400, Mark Watson wrote:
>Donna Halper wrote:
>>And when did Bradley Jay join the WBZ team?  He's on at midnight, after 
>>Paul Sullivan.
>    I think he's doing some fill in talk shifts on WBZ. Is Steve Levelle 
> (sp?) on vacation?

Good heavens, they must be hurting for staff there. That's not a slam at 
Bradley Jay, who's doing a fine job, but let's see...Gary's down for the 
count, Leveille's been sick, no replacement (that I've heard of yet) for 
Jay...or for Flo Jonic...or for Bill Lawrence, who just kinda disappeared a 
while back.

If it gets much worse, maybe they'll be desperate enough to have to call 
yours truly ;-)


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