WRKO lets Blute go

Jeremy Mixer mixer893@yahoo.com
Tue Sep 27 08:35:20 EDT 2005

> That was my first exposure to Rush...  When he had
> the
> TV show in the early early 1990s.  There was a lot
> of
> bits tossed in...  almost like a right leaning
> version
> of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. 

I forgot asbout that show, but now that you mention it
I remember that show, I remember it being slightly
funny but being in my early teens and completely
uneducated politically, most of the humorm probably
went over my head. I actually never listened to his
radio show until the days following 9/11 when suddenly
I, along with many other people in their mid-20's,
suddenly realized the importance of politics in our
country everywhere from a local to a national level. I
can't say I agree with his politics much, but he's
always an entertaining listen even if it's just for
his narrow-minded viewpoints. I respect anyone who has
their mind made up and knows what their opinion is,
and completely sticks to it. Too bad most of the
people running our country aren't the same, but that's
another discussion whatsoever not appropriate for this

At the same time it was also interesting to listen to
the other radio talk shows. Even Phil Hendrie was
being serious for a few days and I had no clue what
his schtick was the first time I heard him return to
it. I couldn't beleive the "guests" he ahd on his show
for days, and then one day he announced that they were
all characters..... and that made me wonder how long
some of these people will stumble onto his show and
think his "guests" are real.....

Getting back to my original point, it's interesting
how the most successful talk-shows on radio are ones
with extremely stubborn people- Rush, Dr. Laura, Bill
O'Reilly, Stern, etc. It certainly makes sense why,
but it makes me wonder if there are any hosts out
there that aren't as stubborn and opinionated that are
successful with their show....


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