New Boston Arbitrends Available

Laurence Glavin
Tue Sep 20 17:46:08 EDT 2005

The last summer Arbitrends(tm) for Boston before the quarterly report
are available.   Adhering to the rule of NO DIRECT FIGURES, I'll 
only note that WBOT-FM 97.7 gains a full number to the left of the
decimal point.  This must reflect the startup of its new Great Blue 
Hill antenna.  Goes to show what a technical change can do.
And at leat on, WXKS-AM is still shown as 'adult
standards' rather than a simulcast with WKOX.   WWZN and WTTT are consistent
Speaking of technical matters, Jim Hawkins will have to get a new 
picture of the WBUR-FM antenna on the Rt 128 tower.  With today's gas 
prices I needed an excuse to view their newly-installed antenna
so a trip to see a movie at the West Newton Cinema provided the 
opportunity of a combined trip.  Jim's picture of the former 
antenna verified my memory bank that the old antenna was as white
as a pair of ping-pong balls.  The new antenna now putting out
an improved signal is brick red, just like the new antenna for the
WEVO rebroadcaster in Nashua, NH.  I wonder how quickly the old one 
was dismanted and the new one was installed?  Did 'BUR go to the
Law Building stick on Comm Ave during the transition?  The new 
WBUR antenna appears to be EXACTLY where the old one was.
In the escalating "war" between 'GBH-FM and 'BUR, I wonder if
the latter outlet will pur a better signal in The City.


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