Stephen Capen?

Glenn and Judy Spatola
Mon Sep 19 22:18:29 EDT 2005

Stephen also worked at WBCN and WEEI-FM, as well as in San Francisco, and
most recently at WXRK-FM in New York.  He was at WAAB in Worcester early in
his career (1966-67).

More details here:

and here

Stephen and I exchanged a couple of emails in July.  It is sad to hear of
his passing.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Glenn Spatola
Port Orchard, WA

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> Len Zola sent a message around that Stephen recently passed away.  The
> message said among the places where he worked on air was Boston -- I know
> he was on our list and his name sounded familiar, but where in Boston did
> he work?

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