NY Daily News Cover Story On Payola

Rob xtrovato@yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 00:15:26 EDT 2005

From: "Laurence Glavin"

> There's a newspaper display next to the checkout counter where
> I shopped this morning.  The New York Daily News was visible,
> and its front page highlighted an investigation into possible
> payola in the radio biz.

I had heard that a few other attys. general were looking into this elsewhere
as well.

You know, I have to wonder, if this is part of the reason that CD sales are

Sometimes it appears that the record company's are pushing airplay
(successfully) for songs that the public may not be accepting.

Does the "Top 40" really contain the 40 "most popular songs in the USA" (as
Casey would say), or are they just the 40 most plugged and promo'd songs in
the country.

Can anyone feel passionately about a song that has been forced upon them?

Could this be why CD sales are down?

Just my thoughts aloud.....

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