Radio Fundraising efforts for Katrina Victims

Jeremy Mixer
Fri Sep 2 11:14:50 EDT 2005

My old former stomping grounds in Bangor is at it
again, and the Bangor Daily News have a nice article
about WKIT's latest "pay for play" effort.

I remember when they did this last time after 9/11. I
had to work the overnight shift from 12-9AM; they
stopped taking pledges after 7 or 8 because the
response was so overwhelming. I had gone in around 6PM
to help out after the drive back to Bangor from Saco
where I was visiting my family. GM Bobby Russell told
me to run the concert scheduled for 10 once I got
through the songs that had to be played. Come 6 AM,
not only had the concert not run yet, but the
syndicated show scheduled for 6 AM also had to be
bumped. Bobby called me suprised that the songs
weren't done yet.....him and Scotty Moore both came in
at 9 AM to releive me and the songs STILL weren't
through yet. They finally got through all of the paid
requests at about 2:30 in the afternoon. 

Good to see they are doing this once again.

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