Globe: WILD to carry black talk network

Brian Vita
Sat Oct 29 15:34:59 EDT 2005

>Starting after the first of the new year, WILD (AM) will carry a new
>black-oriented talk radio network. Programs will run 10 am to 7 pm on
>weekdays (perhaps a local morning drive
>show, too) and will feature the Rev. Al Sharpton. Of course given
>WILD's daytimer
>status, that really means 10 am to local sunset.

Oh boy.  Hate radio.  Can hardly wait.  Maybe I'll call and ask about Tawana
Brawley.  How about the use of some of his campaign funds.  Can't the black
community come up with someone better than this charlatan?  Don't even
mention Jackson.

>From the news:

In June 2005, Sharpton signed a contract with Matrix Media, Incorporated, to
produce and host a live two-hour daily talk program for the EBN Radio
Network. The program will debut in August 2005.

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