WILD on 97.7, gospel on 1090

Doug Drown revdoug1@verizon.net
Fri Oct 21 19:39:24 EDT 2005

The confusion over call letters brings up a question.  Many TV stations that
I know of have dropped the "-TV" suffix since the stations' parent companies
sold off their sister radio stations.  Hence, what used to be WCSH-TV in
Portland is now referred to simply as WCSH, WMUR-TV in Manchester as WMUR,
and so forth.  This is a fairly recent trend.  Have the suffixes actually
been legally eliminated in most cases, or are the stations not using them in
their IDs just for convenience's sake?


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> On 21 Oct 2005 at 14:12, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > Considering that the call sign was just moved from AM, I think they
> > will keep the hyphen for the forseeable future, but that's just my
> > opinion.
> Well, we don't really know yet whether it was "moved" from AM, since we
don't know yet
> whether the AM will keep the calls.
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