We're cranking out 10,000 milliwatts of power!!!

Shawn Mamros mamros@MIT.EDU
Fri Oct 7 09:29:18 EDT 2005

>oh yeah.....  WMUA, UMass Amherst, did the same line when I was there,

Probably every low-powered station with at least some technical knowledge
has done it at one point or another.  From our own dusty archives at
WMBR, I've heard the following from the days when we were a lowly Class D,
pre-1979 (and I think it was a spoof of an even older WCBS ID):

"At 20 million microwatts effective radiated power - this is the
flagship station of the Technology Broadcasting System..."

(failing to mention, of course, that it's the *only* station in
said "system"!)

-Shawn Mamros
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