Pioneer "SuperTuners"

Eli Polonsky
Wed Oct 5 01:40:16 EDT 2005

> > From: SteveOrdinetz <>
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> Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2005 08:55:53 -0400
> Subject: RE: WCOZ/WCAS DJ and "FM underground" pioneer Larry
> 	Millerreturnstothe air!
> My first car FM radio (circa 1972) was an underdash combo 8-track player/FM 
> radio.  I think it was a Pioneer.  Used it for many years until I got my 
> first aftermarket in-dash AM/FM/cassette deck.  It was a Pioneer 
> "Supertuner", which was not "super" in any way whatsoever.  Piece
> of junk!

I remember that the early analog in-dash AM/FM/cassette "Supertuners" 
were trash, but the mid-70's underdash FM/cassette "Supertuners", the 
ones with the round dial (and no AM, unfortunately) were excellent on FM!

The later digital tuning "Supertuners" seem pretty good, a cut above Sony's 
and others for FM performance (sensitivity, selectivity, intermod. rejection).


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