WCOZ/WCAS DJ and "FM underground" pioneer Larry Miller returns tothe air!

Cohasset / Hippisley cohasset@frontiernet.net
Mon Oct 3 06:33:59 EDT 2005

Steve West wrote:

> I hate to move in a slightly different direction, but I don't remember 
> WBZ when they did anything but talk.  Do remember when the news block 
> ended at 6pm, then 8pm.... seemed like whenever Don Batting decided to 
> end it that season... anyway, what did Dick Summer do on WBZ and when 
> did he do it?

WBZ had a Top 30 (complete with little printed sheets for record store 
counter-tops) during the mid-60s.   As I recall, Dick Summer was there 
ca. 1966 - 67.

Bud Hippisley

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