BRW: Sarandis to leave WEEI

John J. Francini
Sun Oct 2 03:42:49 EDT 2005

Now there's a jingle that I haven't heard for a long time!

yeah, you're probably right. Even so, in a fairly liberal state, it's 
rather surprising that so many members of the (largely home-grown) 
on-air talent are conservative politically.

Nevertheless, as Bill Parcells would say, "it is what it is". As long 
as they keep political mentions to a bare minimum (as Dale and Holley 
do), I don't care one whit. It's when they make their politics a 
front-and-center aspect of their show (D & C in particular, and Ted 
Nation on occasion) that it starts bothering me.

I guess the second reason why it bothers me is that they're not 
_good_ at the political stuff. When the politics comes out, the humor 
and wit that marks the sports discussions seems to disappear. It's 
outside their ken and they know it.


At 3:25 -0400 10/2/05, Rob wrote:
>  > As for the politics -- what is it about sports-radio types that tends
>>  to lean to the right? 
>I don't know, I just keep thinking of that jingle...
>"Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet!"
>Isn't sports by it's nature red, white, blue, conservative and patriotic?
>I mean star-spangled banner and all that?

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