Severin - maybe not in Boston at all?

Scott Fybush
Tue Nov 29 19:00:05 EST 2005

>>If nothing else, it seems to me that this all but dismisses any thought 
>>of WBZ taking the show. If it is indeed live 9-11, it just doesn't fit in 
>>the schedule. What do they do - an hour of Sullivan going in and an hour 
>>coming out?
>They could extend the news format until 9 PM.

MUCH easier said than done.

That would make for a brutal six-hour airshift for the afternoon team. 
You'd have Anthony, Diane, Tom and their support staff (editors, writers, 
tape ops, reporters, etc) working 1-9 PM shifts, which leaves almost no 
time for all the work the crew has to do before the show even hits the 
air.  As it is, I've got to believe that Anthony's pretty crunched with 
just three hours before airtime to get all his business news gathered and 
edited, plus getting ready for the afternoon news shift.

And I can't imagine that Diane, whose daughter must be almost done with 
high school by now and who has an hour or so commute home at the end of her 
shift, would be at all thrilled about getting home at 10 each night.

I suppose you could use the night anchor to anchor much or all of the 8-9 
PM hour, but you're still robbing Peter to pay Paul (quite literally, if 
you know the names of the managers there <g>), as the night anchor is also 
the sole newsperson on duty during those hours, or was in my day, anyway. 
You'd probably end up with an 8-9 PM hour that's little more than a repeat 
of the 6-7 hour, which serves nobody very well.

Or you could hire another shift's worth of staff, but if you're going to do 
that, the logical step is to use that shift from 7-midnight and not bother 
with Severin or Sullivan at all. I don't think that's in the cards, 
especially with all the Bruins preemptions.


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