Severin - maybe not in Boston at all?

Scott Fybush
Mon Nov 28 20:35:25 EST 2005

Sunday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch had a long article about Severin's show 
coming to KMOX, including two (apparently) new tidbits: it will run (at 
least in St. Louis) from 8-10 PM CT/9-11 PM ET, and it will be carried in 
"St. Louis, Washington, Philadelphia and Dallas."

The DC affiliate has to be WJFK-FM. Philly could be either "Free FM" WYSP 
(94.1) or, more likely, WPHT (1210). Dallas could be "Free FM" KLLI (105.3) 
or KRLD (1080). Note the conspicuous lack of any mention of a Boston affiliate.

If nothing else, it seems to me that this all but dismisses any thought of 
WBZ taking the show. If it is indeed live 9-11, it just doesn't fit in the 
schedule. What do they do - an hour of Sullivan going in and an hour coming 

It doesn't really fit well into the WTKK schedule, either. If I were 
programming WTKK, I suppose the logical thing to do would be to have 
Michael Graham do just three hours, 3-6, and then carry Laura Ingraham 6-9, 
Severin 9-11 and push Hannity back yet another hour to 11-2. (On the whole, 
I'm glad I'm not programming WTKK!)



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