Music Industry Asking For Radio To Pay For Play

Brian Vita
Tue Nov 22 11:12:14 EST 2005

> It is true, they essentially did this.  However, they 
> initially did not inform the purchaser/user that the software 
> was being installed. Later CDs had miniscule fine print 
> informing the user that it would happen and that could 
> circumvent it by not placing the CD in their computer.  The 
> hue & cry over this resulted in Sony/BMG discontinuing the 
> practice, although there are an untold number of CDs in the 
> retail chain that still contain this little bugger.  Sony has 
> supplied a program that will remove the offending software.

This is only partially true.  The Sony CD's, when played on a computer,
installs a program called "rootkit" that could very accurately be described
as a virus.  This program attaches and integrates itself into your Windows
operating system and is theoretically there to prevent you from pirating
CD's.  It does this by telling your OS to be blind to file names that begin
with a certain text string.  There are then sub-programs that run to prevent
illicit file copies.  The problem with this scenario is that hackers can
also create "programs" (viruses) that begin with the same string and your OS
and most likely your anti-virus programs would not see them.

The story that they are releasing a "patch" to remove the program is an
outright lie for publicity spin. Once you have corrupted the OS with the
program, you cannot restore the OS to its original state with anything short
of a complete reformat and reinstall.  Further, the amount of chutzpah
exhibited by Sony by first violating the purchaser's trust in clandestinely
installing their program on your computer without your consent and then
asking you to voluntarily install another program is outrageous.

I have had first hand contact with this program.  I have a dedicated laptop
that was carefully purged, reformatted and only has JockeyProLT and my music
library on it for the show. This was done to insure stability and
reliability.  I purchase all of the music that I use for my show on WMWM
(the station doesn't have a smooth jazz library).  Each week I purchase one
or two CD's to add to the library which is ripped and added to the drive on
that machine.  I personally do not condone the Napster/Grokster free
download thing.  Last week I purchased the new Chris Botti and Alicia Keys
CD's, both of which are Sony or some variation of Sony.  As soon as I put
the Chris Botti CD into the drive, I knew something was wrong.  The machine
has been acting squirrelly since.  I fear that I will now have to reformat
and reload the entire music library.

Sony is facing several class actions suits already on this.  I'm waiting for
one to appear locally.  I think that Sony owes me compensation for my time
and aggravation for the damages that their spyware inflicted on my

A word of warning here to radio stations that are using Windows based
automation for your music rotation.  Do not add Sony music to your computers
until such time as you are sure that it will not infect your operation

Some background on my comments can be found at these links:,1282,69467,00.html,1412,69560,00.html,1412,69559,00.html,1367,69575,00.html,1848,69573,00.html,1848,69601,00.html

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