Christmas 103.3 on Friday

Brian Vita
Fri Nov 18 12:42:39 EST 2005

XM was originally set up with one "special" seasonal channel called "Special
X".  When they realized that this wasn't enough, they would seasonally bump
some of the less popular channels (ie. Sunny) for the special needs.
Apparently they've improved their codec to the point where they can now
squeeze additional channels out of their bandwith.

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> >Not always true.  I'm rather P.O.ed at Sirius, which recently 
> >discontinued their folk music and swing music channels.  And XM has 
> >temporarily suspended several of their music channels to put on 
> >holiday music.
> Not this year.  They are using 5 otherwise unassigned 
> channels (103-107) for holiday music.  Last year that was 
> true, when at least 2 of the holiday music channels were 
> reprogrammed from the usual music channels for the holidays.
> Ed Hennessy

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