Al Franken

Donna Halper
Tue Nov 15 17:02:09 EST 2005

our right wing friends said--

>  Meanwhile AAR has resorted to begging and they had to
>"borrow" (read: steal) money from needy boys and girls in NYC. (See
>Michelle Malkin and
>Radio Equalizer.)

Umm, Michelle is a discredited right-wing shill, sort of like Ann Coulter, 
and few of us take her seriously.  (Btw, we don't necessarily take Michael 
Moore seriously either-- I am not a fan of extremists on either side.)  But 
if I want objective news from the right wing perspective, I go to the Wall 
Street Journal or National Review, both of which have acknowledged that 
after a shaky start, a year later Air America is doing okay financially in 
a number of their markets, while still struggling in others (poor signals 
haven't helped).   And as for AAR 'begging'-- or rather, doing on-air 
fundraising, like Public Radio has done for years, how is that any worse 
than this from the Rush Limbaugh show:  "Support our men and women in 
uniform by giving a subscription to Rush 24/7 and the Limbaugh Letter to a 
member of the US Armed Forces. He or she will receive unfettered access to 
Rush 24/7 online as well as every big, colorful issue of The Limbaugh 
Letter "  Rush is charging $49.95 for a soldier to receive his radio 
broadcast and newsletter.  Ouch.

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