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> Rush is owned and operated by most stations carrying him.  He had 
> quite a few less in the 80's when he first started.  (when he was 
> really entertaining) AAR has been on the air for just over a year 
> and they are now getting national accounts, when they first started 
> it was only PA's
I just got back from attending Franken's show at the W-I-I-I-L Bur Theater.
I judge about 600-650 people showed up (the theater seats about 30 across, 25
or so rows back, and was 80% occupied downstairs.  I was under the 
balcony overhang and couldn't tell if any of the seats up there were occupied.)
You have to remember that Al is a show-business person, a comedian and
writer for the original Saturday Night Live.  During the remotes, he
plays to the audience somewhat, using facial gestures and voice inflections
to get a reaction from the audience.  He was playing before HIS people,
so one can expect he'd have them pretty much "in the palm of his hand".
He had more people from Harvard than WHRB (ok I exaggerate) including 
Laurence Tribe from the law school.  The banter was very good between
Al and LT...the more professorial men talking about the health care issue later
were earnest and sincere, and it occurred to me that to the listener at
home or on the road, it had the feel of NPR.  When I'm not taking the day
off to go to an Al Franken local appearance, I only get to hear the
replays on Saturday and Sunday, so I don't know how many listener calls
he takes when he does a regular studio show, but he took no calls today.
I don't listen much to Rush either, but I would say that Al Franken engages 
the mind more than El Rushbo who seems to preach to the converted of
a more fundamentalist and simple-minded church.


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